ADMIN Partners is dedicated to providing quality customer service to all our clients. Our goal is to personalize the experience that clients have with our staff. We do this by maintaining consistent communication and ensuring that everyone knows they can always reach us.

Recently our Client Service Representative, Shelby Middleman showed a client of ours what dependable customer service is all about. By following through and going the extra mile, Shelby received a remarkable review. Here’s what they had to say:


“Let me compliment you on your staff and what a pleasure they are to deal with.  I had to get a third-party authorization for my mother’s insurance policy.  I spoke with representatives on the phone to get information and then dealt with Shelby Middleman by email.

Everyone was very pleasant but also efficient, but Shelby was a rock star.  She had to ask for more information from me twice but did so without recrimination.  Then she not only contacted me to let me know that the forms had been processed and then faxed on to the insurance company, she suggested that I follow up with the company and then gave me some specific areas to ask about.

When I told her I would be interested in filling out a customer evaluation, she said the company does not have one but that I might want to contact you as the supervisor.   While I think courtesy, efficiency and follow up should be business as usual, it is definitely not.  But I bet it is with your staff!

Thank you for such a pleasant experience.”


 We commend our “rockstar” Shelby Middleman and her amazing efforts in the Client Service department!

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